Sunday, October 14, 2007

Is a scam?

In a previous post, I wrote about selling your textbooks
back using online companies. I tried Cash4Books. I was
quoted about $60 dollars for my books. I mailed them
in. About a week later, I received an update that they
had been received and were being processed. A few days
later, I found out that my geography textbook that I
was quoted $25 wouldn't be accepted because it had a
free copy mark on it...

I immediately was infuriated because I thought I had
fallen into a scam.

I had bought the book online through and
didn't recall any free copy marks on it. Were they taking
books from people and then reselling them without paying
for them? I contacted Cash4Books through email and very
quickly I received a response back by phone. They still had
my geography book and could send it back if I paid for the
media mail shipping. Fair enough. I also had them credit me
for the shipping cost when I mailed all my books to them. You
can either mail your box and get a credit or send your box with
a prepaid shipping label. The customer service manager was
very polite and did everything she promised. My credit was
in my account within a day. I will use them again. Cash4Books.

Update!! Since I made this post in 2007, I've continued
to use Cash4Books.
I've recommended it to several friends
and they've had good success with it
as well. If you're
interested in more ways to get extra cash, please visit
blog at


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